We at CUSTOMS throw shows and parties beyond the restrictions of scenes and genres. We're dedicated to highlighting top-flight music from all over the world. We're in the import business of good vibes.

We believe the internet brings the world closer together and fosters a creativity and community never before seen. We think the kids are alright. We take what they are doing very seriously, and we want to give them a platform for it.

We've hosted the Seattle debuts of the likes of Skylar Spence, Mark Redito, SOPHIE, R3LL, Seiho, Qrion, Meishi Smile, Esta, StarRo, DJ Earl, and many more. We've thrown parties all over the world.

We are always, and will always be about the music, but not at the expense of the people. We treat the artists and the audience with respect because that's the right thing to do.

We are dedicated to 100% no-bullshit, safe spaces. We believe that this comes from the top down, and promote/conceive of our shows without compromising a safe space. When faced with a decision of profits or people, we choose people every single time.

We love working with our friends in the scene, augmenting their events with our resources (and sometimes a special guest or two), while they maintain their vision.

We're perpetually rooting for the underdog, because it stays interesting that way.

We're here for you and we love you.